Our RR

Developed in motorsport, perfected for the road, the Sports bike in India. The S 1000 RR – RR for short – is an uncompromising BMW sports bike in terms of performance, technology, and design. The aim of achieving maximum performance is made possible by the engine, aerodynamically streamlined trim panel, lightweight construction, and assistance systems. And in just a few simple steps, the RR is transformed into a race bike, made purely to chase record times on the race track.

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Our superbike

S 1000 RR

The RR is completely focused on pure performance. 154 KW (210 hp) and numerous technical optimisations clearly put it in pole position.

The look: sporty and dynamic. The engine: sheer pleasure. For sporty tours. The two-cylinder boxer engine delivers the unmistakable boxer punch and, thanks to BMW ShiftCam, it guarantees impressive acceleration values within any engine speed range. For precisely the dynamics that make every bend and every journey unforgettable on this BMW sports bike.

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The XR family

XR is synonymous for sporty character and long-distance performance: aggressive design and powerful engines meet ergonomic comfort and state-of-the-art assistance systems. For all those chasing around every corner and every mile along the way – even for days on end.

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Our XR models

F 900 XR

Higher, faster, further: pure adrenaline, bend after bend, for days on end. Engine and design: pure performance. Ergonomics: pure relaxation.

Adrenaline as a way of life

With BMW Motorrad Motorsport, we are represented in racing series worldwide and celebrate victories around the globe with the M RR and the RR Sports bike in India. We transfer the expertise gained in this way to our road bikes as part of a targeted process. In this way, we are continuously expanding our performance ideas with new benchmarks and innovative projects.

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Feel sports and adrenaline


What is A sports bike?

Sport bikes are built for speed and handling on paved roads. They offer thrilling acceleration, precise braking, and sharp cornering.

They typically feature an aerodynamic fairing and riding position for better performance.


What distinguishes BMW sports bikes from other motorcycle models?

BMW sportbikes are designed to deliver an exceptional blend of thrilling performance and innovative engineering. They're known for their focus on rider comfort, ensuring an exhilarating experience on both winding roads and long journeys.

Can BMW sports bikes be customised to suit individual preferences?

BMW sportbikes are rider-focused machines. Craft your dream ride with a range of official parts such as upgraded suspension, performance exhaustion, colour options and much more to boost performance or enhance comfort.

What technology features are integrated into BMW sports bikes?

BMW sportbikes are loaded with tech to boost your ride. They offer smartphone connectivity for navigation, music, and calls on the TFT display, all controlled safely from the handlebar. Additionally, many models come with electronic rider aids for improved control and safety, and advanced suspension that adjusts based on riding mode. Some even offer a quickshifter, hill start assist, and a heated seat.

Are BMW sports bikes suitable for both track racing and street riding?

Yes, they are suitable for both as BMW sport bikes come in two options: street-focused and track-focused. Street bikes balance performance with comfort, great for thrilling rides but not ideal for racetracks. Track bikes prioritize raw power and agility for maximum performance, sacrificing some comfort for speed. Some models offer the best of both worlds, blending performance with wind protection and luggage options for versatile riding fun.

How does the design of BMW sports bikes contribute to their performance and handling?

BMW sportbikes fuse performance with design. Their aerodynamic fairings reduce wind resistance for high-speed stability and position the rider for optimal control. Lightweight materials throughout the bike ensure agility, while a low center of gravity enhances cornering stability and rider confidence.

What are different models of BMW sports bikes available in India?

BMW Motorrad offers a compelling range of sportbikes in India, catering to diverse riding styles and aspirations:

High-Performance Thrill:

S 1000 RR: A purebred race machine built for ultimate track performance.

Entry-Level Sport:

G 310 RR: An agile and lightweight option for new riders or those seeking a nimble experience.

Sport Roadster Versatility:

F 900 XR: Blends long-distance comfort with sportbike performance for conquering both roads and tracks.

S 1000 XR: The BMW S 1000 XR is a sports touring motorcycle that marries adrenaline-pumping performance with long-distance comfort.

Visit your local BMW Motorrad dealership to discover your ideal sportbike match and experience the thrill of riding a BMW.