M range

Their professional racing heritage are evident at first glance. Engines and technological assistance systems have also been geared towards maximum performance: for adrenaline-driven riding along country roads and, of course, for maximum performance on the race track and in motorsport. It goes without saying that the BMW M bike can be converted to thoroughbred racing bikes in just a few simple steps.

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Our M models

M 1000 RR

Racing like no other. Our superbike offers thoroughbred racing technology to reach pole position and boasts an exclusive character down to the most minute detail.

M 1000 XR

Unrivalled long-distance performance and superior M dominance. The new one at the top - coming soon.

Adrenaline as a way of life

With BMW Motorrad Motorsport, we are represented in racing series worldwide and celebrate victories around the globe with the M RR and the RR. We transfer the expertise gained in this way to our road bikes as part of a targeted process. In this way, we are continuously expanding our performance ideas with new benchmarks and innovative projects.

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Performance for the living room

Just like with the original, we focussed on precision and every single detail with the 1,920 LEGO® Technic elements of the LEGO® Technic M RR. This is how we developed parts and created innovative solutions: featuring details that come close to their original, the largest LEGO® Technic motorcycle model ever has been created at a scale of 1:5.

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Feel the unique character of M