S 1000 RR

Standard: ₹ 20,75,000.00
Pro: ₹ 23,10,000.00
Pro M sport: ₹ 25,25,000.00
EMI starting from ₹ 29,999.*

All motorcycles are supplied only with equipment required by law. Illustrations on this website may differ from this.

All motorcycles are supplied only with equipment required by law. Illustrations on this website may differ from this.

*Price prevailing at the time of invoicing will be applicable. Delivery will be made on ex-showroom basis. Ex-showroom prices inclusive of GST (incl. compensation cess) as applicable, but excludes Road Tax, Tax collected at Source (TCS), GST on Tax collected at source, RTO statutory taxes/fees, other local tax/cess levies and Insurance. Prices and options are subject to change without prior notice. @ As on January 5, 2024.

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The all-new BMW S 1000 RR

Superbike of superlatives

The BMW S 1000 RR is now even more focused and more precisely geared towards pure performance. For those who increasingly demand more. More from themselves. More each lap. And more from their RR. Simply put: #NeverStopChallenging. Leading the way is a matter of millimetres, especially in the circles the RR has always been a part of. That’s why we have streamlined and evolved the RR where it matters most: from the new steering angle sensor with Brake Slide Assist and Slide Control as well as the integration of M components and improvements to the electronics and crucial processes for modifying the bike for the race track.Experience this evolution firsthand and discover what sets it apart, all while knowing the extraordinary value that aligns perfectly with the sought-after BMW S 1000 RR Price in India. And all this with a clear goal in mind – claiming the pole position over and over again.

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Highlights of the superbike

Best brake in its category
BMW S 1000 RR Brakes
M Carbon tail-hump cover with camera adapter
M Carbon tail-hump cover with camera adapter - BMW Motorrad
New rear end with short number plate carrier
BMW S 1000 RR rear end with short number plate
Optimised engine concept
Optimised Engine Concept - BMW Motorrad
Dynamic front view and tall windscreen
Dynamic Front View of BMW S 1000 RR
Focused on performance: M GPS Laptrigger and data logger
M GPS Laptrigger & Data Logger - BMW Motorrad
Powerful M Lightweight battery
Powerful M Lightweight Battery of BMW S 1000 RR
Efficient front and side trim panel with winglet
Front & Side Trim Panel of BMW S 1000 RR

It’s hard to imagine the race track without it – and the RR is also intrinsically linked to it

It’s hard to imagine the race track without it – and the RR is also intrinsically linked to it

Depending on the speed, composite plastic winglets on the BMW S 1000 RR generate up to 17.1 kg aerodynamic downforce at 300 km/h. This downforce counteracts the tendency of the front wheel to lift off the road surface when accelerating: the fork maintains contact with the ground and DTC isn’t forced to intervene as much. This allows you to noticeably and even more directly convert drive power into acceleration.

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More performance on screen

More performance on screen

Off to the pit lane after a few laps around the racetrack: The last screen used now always displays after you switch the ignition off/on. This helps you concentrate and stay focused on your mode. One Pure Ride screen and three different Core screens are available depending on your preference. The system displays a suitable maximum speed when the engine is cold. The shift light now makes it much more obvious when the rotational-speed sensor is flashing. And we cleared up the screen, making it even easier for you to check the TFT display to see the factory settings for your assistance systems – like ABS Pro, DTC, or DDC – under Settings. 

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kW (210 hp) at 13,750 rpm
Nm at 11,000 rpm
kg DIN kerb weight
seconds for acceleration 0-100 km/h
Water/oil-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine

Passion is where the heart beats – and boy, does it beat!

Unleashed passion: we have once again transferred all the experience from the race track to the high-performance BMW ShiftCam four-cylinder engine in the RR: for 3 hp more output to now total 210 hp (154 kW). The airbox from the M RR ensures particularly good air supply and better load changes. The cylinder heads with new channel geometry and reinforced bearing brackets also stem from the M RR. We have also optimised the standard shift assistant Pro. It now also permits gearshifts with overrun upshifts and overrun downshifts and provides improved load change damping – for more gearshifting precision. And even the chain ring has more teeth now: just like in the M RR, it now has 46 teeth instead of 45 – for more power down the straight.

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Framework conditions – quite literally

Framework conditions – quite literally

Precision work for more feedback and performance on your ride: The M chassis kit with raised rear end and adjustable swing arm pivot is standard. Frame recesses ensure greater lateral flexibility. We have lowered the steering head angle 0.5° to 66.4° and decreased the fork bridges offset 3 mm to 26.5 mm, making your front wheel even more precise. We also used captive axle bushes and optimised the brake system to make removing the rear wheel even easier in practice. You can now also choose the damping for DDC Road, Dynamic, and Race: from Race Pro 1 to 3. Using the Race Pro 1 to 3 settings, you can now ride with road damping on country roads.


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Redefined cornering

Redefined cornering

The optional Pro riding mode and the steering angle sensor, installed for the first time, let you use two functions: Brake Slide Assist for deceleration, and DTC Slide Control for acceleration. The steering angle sensor helps determine your drift angle, which the DTC uses to ensure optimal slip. DTC settings 2 and 3 have been optimised for the racetrack and slicks. After a power slide, Brake Slide Assist helps you decelerate so that you can slide into a curve using the front/rear ABS.

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Tailored exactly to your needs

M Package

The M package sharpens the sporty profile of the RR. Exclusive Light white/M Motorsport paintwork is only included in this package and gives the motorcycle a powerful look. The package includes: M Sport seat for optimum support on the hunt for crucial milliseconds. Weight-optimised M Carbon wheels with M Tapes for maximum riding dynamics. Or the alternatively available M forged wheels. In addition, the M footrest system and the black fuel filler cap. 

Dynamics package

The Dynamics package sharpens the RR’s racing qualities for added performance and comfort. The package includes: DDC electronic chassis, which is exclusive to use in motorsports here, for optimum damping and optimum road contact in every riding situation. All this is complemented by Pro riding modes with 3 additional Race Pro riding modes and other relevant settings for the race track, such as Launch Control, Pit Lane Limiter, Wheelie Control and Brake Slide Assist, Slide Control. Electronic cruise control and heated grips are also included.

Race package

The Race package optimises the RR for riders striving to be racers. The package includes the low-maintenance and weight-optimised M Endurance chain. As well as the M Titan exhaust system from Akrapovič, which is available exclusively in this package, for an even sportier look with significant weight reduction, or alternatively the high-quality titanium slip-on sports silencer.

Carbon package

The high-quality Carbon package supercharges the superbike look of the machine. This package includes front and rear wheel covers, a chain guard and pinion cover, and the top fairing side panels. These lightweight CFRP components are derived from racing and provide an elegant yet sporty highlights with high-tech aspirations.

M Billet pack

The M Billet pack emphasises the sporty character of the bike with high-quality components and exclusive M branding. The package includes: milled parts made of anodised aluminium, including folding and adjustable clutch and handbrake levers with Brake Lever Guard – equipment with maximum quality.

Design is more than just appearance

Three variants, one character

No matter which variant you choose: in this case, not millimetres or milliseconds are crucial, it’s all about your preferences. However, one thing is clear: each RR is geared towards pure performance.

Light white/M Motorsport

The iconic colour scheme makes it immediately clear where you come from and where you are heading: to the race track. Paired with the M Package, there is absolutely no doubt.


From the front end to the tank and the rear: Racing red uni signals pure passion. Like a promise, the dynamic details emerge from the overall image of the RR. Now it’s up to you to walk the talk.

Black storm metallic

Sporty, sharp and clearly defined. The aim of the RR is as uncompromising and clear as the colour scheme: top performance, whether on the road or on the race track.

3 years of peace of mind

Ride on and on and on. We give you an extra year. 

As of right now, you receive an extra year's worth of peace of mind in addition to the statutory warranty period when you purchase a motorcycle. 

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Sportiness is passed down in dominant genes

Super sporty and uncompromisingly compact. We have retained these basic design values and it's worth the BMW S 1000 RR Price. More than that, we have made them even sharper: from the front end with the aerodynamically optimised windscreen and the lights in striking LED design, to the side trim panels with winglet and the short and dynamic rear end. Plus the easily removable number plate carrier and optional tail-hump cover for the passenger seat prove that we have even focused the design of the BMW S 1000 RR on performance down to the last detail. 

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Even perfection can be made more perfect

It’s about millimetres, milliseconds, more individuality, customisation and protection for you and your RR: from the 6 x adjustable M footrest system to the water or oil cooler protector, you will find the right parts to further sharpen your RR in the original BMW Motorrad accessories range.

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Ex-Showroom price of BMW S 1000 RR starts at INR 20.75 Lakhs and goes up to INR 25.25 Lakhs.

Available in 3 variants

  • The BMW S 1000 RR Standard Variant starts at INR 20.75 Lakhs.
  • The BMW S 1000 RR Pro Variant starts at INR 23.10 Lakhs.
  • The BMW S 1000 RR Pro M Sport Variant starts at INR 25.25 Lakhs.


Can the BMW S 1000 RR be used as a street bike or is it designed just for the race track?

A- The BMW S 1000 RR effortlessly combines track prowess with street versatility, because of its Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) system that ensures optimal grip in various riding conditions. It's a masterful dual-purpose motorcycle that excels on both the race track and city streets.

What are the key features of BMW S 1000 RR?

The BMW S 1000 RR impresses with potent inline-four engine and advanced electronics, steering angle sensor, DTC Slide Control for acceleration, Brake Slide Assist for deceleration, Shift assistant Pro, 6.5" TFT-Display, M Chassis Kit, M GPS Lap trigger (activation code), Heated grips, Cruise control,  Its refined chassis design ensures precise handling, and aerodynamic elements enhance stability and aesthetics, offering excellent value for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking top performance.

Is the BMW S 1000 RR customisable?

Yes, the BMW Motorrad provides a variety of optional packages, accessories, and features that allow you to create a motorcycle that truly reflects your individuality. So whether you're looking to enhance the performance of your BMW S 1000 RR, adjust its ergonomics, or add personal touches to its aesthetics, the S 1000 RR price offers excellent value for the customization options available. 

What makes the BMW S 1000 RR standout from other bikes?

The BMW S 1000 RR, with its exceptional performance and electronics, sets itself apart in the motorcycle world. The BMW S 1000 RR price offers a great balance of value for its powerful engine, advanced electronics, and customizable features. Its aerodynamic precision, racing heritage, and prestigious brand identity make it a standout choice that redefines motorcycle excellence.

What is the top speed of the BMW S 1000 RR?

The maximum speed of the BMW S 1000 RR is 303 km/h, although actual speeds may vary depending on factors such as rider weight, riding conditions, and any modifications made to the bike.

How many colors is the BMW S 1000 RR available in?

The BMW S 1000 RR is available in 3 color options: Black Storm Metallic,Style Passion and Light White/M Motorsport. However, as per the variants,there are different colors available. The BMW S 1000 RR Standard Variant and BMW S 1000 RR Pro Variant comes in Black Storm Metallic and Style Passion and finally, the BMW S 1000 RR Pro M Sport variant is available in the striking Light White/M Motorsport color.


How many variants is the BMW S 1000 RR available in?

The BMW S 1000 RR comes in three variants,

a. The BMW S 1000 RR Standard Variant: Comes with all your essentials such as Anti Hopping Clutch, ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and so much more!

b. The BMW S 1000 RR Pro Variant: Ideal for track enthusiasts, it comes with everything the Standard variant does but with the addition of Riding Modes Pro, Heated Grips, Cruise Control and Dynamic Damping Control (DDC).

c. The BMW S 1000 RR Pro M Sport Variant: Features the M Package like M Carbon Wheels, M Sport Seat, M Brake calipers blue, Fuel filler cap in black and M Rider Footrest System on the left and Right.

What is the ground clearance of the BMW S 1000 RR?

The BMW S 1000 RR has a ground clearance of 140mm.  

What is the Tyre Type of BMW S 1000 RR?

The front tyre of BMW S 1000 RR comes in at 120/70 ZR 17” and the rear tyre is 190/55 ZR 17” (M wheels: 200/55 ZR 17”) with both being Cast Aluminium Wheels.

What is the fuel tank capacity of BMW S 1000 RR?

The BMW S 1000 RR has a usable tank volume of 16.5 ltr with a reserve of approx 4 ltr.

What is the engine type of BMW S 1000 RR?

Dominate the streets and feel the power of the BMW S 1000 RR, powered by a water/Oil-cooled  4-cylinder, 4-stroke in-line engine, four titanium valves per cylinder.