The R 18 family

Boasting 1,802 cc, the most powerful boxer engine ever built by BMW Motorrad is an unmissable centrepiece. The double cradle frame, telescopic forks, teardrop-shaped tank or even the double lines are iconic design features rooted in our history.

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Our R 18 models

R 18

Soul is all that matters: a cruiser bursting with character featuring a low and stretched flyline.

R 18 100 Years

The limited edition model on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of BMW Motorrad. #SoulFuel in its most exclusive form.

R 18 Classic

Iconic, nostalgic, soul fuel: historically derived from the first cruisers suitable for touring.

R 18 Roctane

Pure nonchalance: the R 18 Roctane is our coolest Grand Tourer with the personality of a Custom Factory Hot Rod.

R 18 Transcontinental

Grand touring with big boxer: exclusive, luxurious and comfortable, entirely designed for riding with a passenger.

The R 12 family

Legends live longer. The R 12 models bring an unmistakable look to the road with their minimalist design language and unique roadster style. They are powered by a next stage of evolution of the Boxer engine. Otherwise, hardly a screw was left in its thread during development. The backbone designed for customising with a classic tubular spaceframe has been completely redeveloped. Can you hear the call? Express your inimitability.

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Our R nineT models

R 12 nine T

Uncompromising roadster with unmistakable proportions and stylish elements. The R 12 nine T is comfortable being the centre of attention and turns the road into your stage.

R 12

Casual cruiser with an iconic design, low seat height and distinctive styling. This bike conveys the #Soulfuel feeling like no other: life is easy on the R 12.

R nineT 100 Years

The limited edition model on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of BMW Motorrad. #SoulFuel in its most exclusive form.

R nineT Scrambler

Powerful, robust, creative: the telescopic forks with gaiters, the raised exhaust system and a relaxed seating position characterise the unconventional scrambler look.

Much more than just motorcycles

We make our clothing with the same passion we dedicate to making the Heritage bike. And with the same focus on quality: for minimalist and classic looks that don’t show off their high levels of functionality and protection, additionally giving you complete freedom of movement in your everyday life.

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BMW R 18 The Wal

Customiser Shinya Kimura created an unmistakable, one-off R 18 and named it The Wal. In his workshop, he combined expert craftsmanship with Japanese aesthetics and the brute force of the 1,802 cc big boxer engine.

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Experience Heritage up close


What are BMW heritage bikes and what makes them unique?

BMW heritage bikes, also known as classic bikes, are modern motorcycles inspired by the design and spirit of BMW's historical models. These bikes often feature:

  • Classic Design Aesthetics: Evoking elements from BMW's past, these bikes typically have timeless, elegant lines, chrome accents, and air-cooled engines, creating a nostalgic visual appeal.

  • Modern Performance: Despite their classic looks, BMW heritage bikes are not simply replicas. They incorporate modern technology and engineering, offering excellent handling, reliable performance, and safety features.

  • Blend of Modernity and Tradition: BMW heritage bikes provide a unique blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality, appealing to riders who appreciate both vintage style and contemporary performance.
Can you provide a brief history of BMW heritage bikes?

The roots of BMW heritage bikes can be traced back to the early days of BMW motorcycle manufacturing, dating back to the iconic R32 model released in 1923. Throughout the decades, BMW produced a range of classic motorcycles known for their reliability, performance, and distinctive design.

Are BMW heritage bikes suitable for riders of all experience levels?

BMW heritage bikes are generally considered user-friendly and approachable for riders of various experience levels. Their ergonomic design often features a comfortable, upright riding position, making them easy to handle and navigate. Additionally, their moderate power delivery and predictable handling characteristics inspire confidence for both new and seasoned riders.

It's important to note that some high-performance heritage models might demand more riding experience due to their increased power and sportier riding positions.


What are the special features of BMW heritage bikes?

Beyond their classic design, BMW heritage bikes offer several special features:

  • Good Build Quality: Renowned for their quality engineering and craftsmanship, BMW heritage bikes are built to last, offering a premium riding experience.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Despite their classic appearance, many BMW heritage bikes incorporate modern safety features like ABS and traction control, enhancing rider safety.
  • Technological Advancements: While maintaining a classic aesthetic, some BMW heritage bikes integrate modern technologies like fuel injection and electronic engine management for improved performance and efficiency.
How does the performance of BMW heritage bikes compare to modern motorcycles?

While not designed to compete with high-performance modern sportbikes, BMW heritage bikes offer a balance of performance and comfort. Their engines provide ample power for enjoyable riding, while their suspension and handling characteristics prioritize stability and control over pure racing capabilities.

It's important to remember that the focus of BMW heritage bikes lies in blending classic style with comfortable riding, rather than achieving the highest performance figures.


Are BMW heritage bikes designed for daily commuting or are they more for leisure riding?

BMW heritage bikes can be suitable for both daily commuting and leisure riding. Their user-friendly ergonomics, moderate performance, and weather protection options wind: Most type of riding.