All motorcycles are supplied only with equipment required by law. Illustrations on this website may differ from this.

All motorcycles are supplied only with equipment required by law. Illustrations on this website may differ from this.

*Price prevailing at the time of invoicing will be applicable. Delivery will be made on ex-showroom basis. Ex-showroom prices inclusive of GST (incl. compensation cess) as applicable, but excludes Road Tax, Tax collected at Source (TCS), GST on Tax collected at source, RTO statutory taxes/fees, other local tax/cess levies and Insurance. Prices and options are subject to change without prior notice. @ As on January 5, 2024.

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The R 1250 GS represents unbridled curiosity and the daring to explore something new again and again. For four decades, it has been an icon, and it continues to inspire with new features. The new LED light design is bright and provides maximum visibility: The LED swivelling headlights with adjustable headlights and the Cruising Light assure this. Additional features like seat heating provide further comfort, and the seven riding modes allow you to confidently handle any driving circumstance. Your appetite for knowledge will be unquenchable with this GS.

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Equipped for any purpose

Fast curve changes, gravel blasting up, and limitless tours: you choose your journey on the BMW R 1250 GS. Its constantly optimised technology and vast equipment will safely, dynamically, and comfortably transport you over any journey.

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LED flashing turn indicators as standard with Cruising Light option
BMW R 1250 GS Bike - LED Indicator
BMW ShiftCam.
BMW R 1250 GS Bike - ShiftCam
Dynamic ESA of the latest generation.
BMW R 1250 GS Bike - Dynamic ESA
3 years Warranty
BMW R 1250 GS Bike with 3 years warranty
Adaptive headlight with LED swivelling headlight
BMW R 1250 GS Bike - Front LED Headlights
Riding modes Pro and ECO Modus
BMW R 1250 GS Bike - Pro & Eco Riding Modes
DTC and ABS Pro in series
BMW R 1250 GS Bike - DTS & ABS Pro Braking system
Connectivity with TFT display and USB remote positive terminal
BMW R 1250 GS Bike - TFT Display

The right mode for every adventure

The right mode for every adventure

Tarmacked roads, wet roads or unpaved gravel roads: The seven riding modes of the R 1250 GS ensure optimum grip and superior handling at all times. When the vehicle is stationary, you can pre-select up to four riding modes individually in the menu, which you can then select quickly and conveniently during the journey using the riding mode button. The new dynamic engine brake control provides more stability and easy control of the bike in the Pro riding modes; it prevents the rear wheel from slipping or jerking. And in the new standard ECO Mode, you get the maximum range from every tank of fuel.

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See and be seen

See and be seen

The ideal lighting for every curve: The adaptive headlights activate automatically when it's tilted, giving optimal illumination of curves based on gradient and payload - a key safety and comfort benefit. The multifunctional rear LED flashing turn indicators provide a striking look as well as increased visibility.


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3 years warranty

Ride on & on & on. We`re giving you an extra year. 

Now there's a 3-year warranty on all motorcycles. 

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Powerful drive, smooth running

CC Capacity
Nm maximum torque at 6,250 rpm
HP Max. power at 7,750 rpm
+ km/h Max Speed

Performance, efficiency, control

The R 1250 GS's boxer engine captivates from the first glimpse. You can feel its personality at all engine speeds since it provides excellent performance with greater smoothness at low rotational speeds. The variable BMW ShiftCam variable camshaft management enables more strong torque development across the engine speed range, giving you more control in any riding circumstance. This implies more displacement and performance with improved efficiency and, as a result, more power whenever it is required. You have greater freedom with the powerful pull and fewer gear changes. This allows you to experience the boxer's energy more immediately.

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Sound full of character

Design for your adventure

The experience - purely GS style - purely you

The R 1250 GS's design is recognisable, with its prominent front and trademark GS fly line. But each colour choice gives it its own personality - which one do you prefer?

Light white non-metallic

The basic colour light white gives the GS a bright appearance, forming the perfect contrast to the silver frame and the telescopic fork in gold.

Style Rallye

Uncompromising and dynamic, your GS comes in Light white/Racing blue metallic/Racing red. Striking tapes make it clear where your bike is headed.

Style Triple Black

Black in all facets: The black storm metallic/black/agate grey paintwork emphasises the powerful shape of your GS with shiny and matt areas.

GS Trophy

The R 1250 GS Trophy in Gravity blue metallic is yearning for adventure. The eye-catching tapes and highlights signal that you can bring the spirit of the International GS Trophy to life with this bike.

Design your R 1250 GS

Design your R 1250 GS

Prepare the R 1250 GS for your excursions with a range of styles and features: Optional accessories such as the Comfort and Touring Package, which includes hand protectors and case holders, give added comfort on extended journeys. Whether you're on or off the road, you'll find the essentials for you and your GS here.

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Other models


Ex-Showroom price of R 1250 GS starts at INR 20.55 Lakhs. 

Available in Standard(STD) variant only.


What are the different colour options for the BMW R 1250 GS?

The BMW G 310 GS comes in four distinct colours. The light white, non-metallic look with a gold telescopic fork, the Stylle Rallye for a vibrant and distinct look, the Style Triple Black to emphasize elegance and the legendary GS Trophy colourway.

What is the top speed of the BMW R 1250 GS?

The maximum speed of the BMW R 1250 GS is over 200 km/h although actual speeds may vary depending on factors such as rider weight, riding conditions, and any modifications made to the bike.

What are the key features of the BMW R 1250 GS?

The BMW R 1250 GS is ready for any adventure with the help of its 2 cylinder boxer engine, Anti-hopping clutch, BMW Shiftcam, ABS Pro, DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), Cast Aluminium Wheels and much more! 

What are different variants for BMW R 1250 GS?

The BMW R 1250 GS comes in a variety of variants such as the Dynamic Package with Shift Assist Pro, Dynamic ESA and Riding Modes Pro. There is also the Comfort package with Keyless ride and heated grips along with a chrome plated exhaust system. 

For those long journeys, you can enjoy the touring package with Adaptive Cruise Control, Hand Protector, Preparation for Navigation Device and Left and Right Case holders. You can also opt for the lights package with Adaptive Headlights, Daytime Riding Lights, Headlights Pro, Cruising Lights and Multifunctional Turn indicators lights.

Is the BMW R 1250 GS customizable?

Yes, the BMW R 1250 GS is customizable. BMW Motorrad offers a range of optional packages, accessories, and features, enabling you to craft a motorcycle that truly mirrors your uniqueness. Whether you aim to make your BMW R 1250 GS into a pure adventure ride with a stowage, the Storm II billet pack, Chrome plated exhaust system and much more! 

How many CC is the BMW R 1250 GS?

The BMW R 1250 GS is powered by a 1,254 cc engine. The BMW R 1250 GS engine generates a power of 100kW (136 PS) at 7,750 U/min with a maximum torque of 143 Nm at 6,250 U/min.