The super bike.

How the HP4 surpasses its predecessor.

The predecessor through and through – but even faster, more innovative, more exclusive. With this version, on the basis of the RR the first four-cylinder HP model and the first standard motorcycle in the world with the electronic DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) chassis has emerged: the HP4.

HP motorcycles come from a spinning mill, where a few crazy individuals fight like lions for their dream – until it becomes a reality. ”

Rudolf Schneider

Project manager HP4

Four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine

kW (193 HP) at 13.000 rmp
kg unladen weight, fully fuelled/ road ready (with Race ABS)
Nm / torque at max 9,750 rmp
ccm capacity
Water/oil-cooled in-line four-cylinder four-stroke engine

In the eyes of many BMW Motorrad employees, the RR is already the super HP. The company's first four-cylinder super sports bike has made it onto the racing scene with a bang and garnered respect in record time. Must or can an HP version of the S 1000 RR be built? It doesn't have to be. But it certainly can be. "For us, it was clear as day that we should build an HP based on the RR", said the then project manager and product manager of the S 1000 RR and the HP4, Rudolf Schneider and Sepp Mächler. "This vehicle veritably cries out for a HP."

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Racing virus on the orders sheet

On the HP4's orders sheet, the aim is clearly defined: make the RR even faster, more innovative and exclusive. It's a case of bringing components into the vehicle that can later be produced in large-scale production. Like for instance the HP2 Sport passed down the shift assistant or the race ABS to the RR. In order to create real innovations from the ideas, the developer team of the HP4 goes out and tests. They all caught the racing virus. The racing spirit spreads into work and makes the HP4 project into a real challenge. "The entire team must love this vehicle type with every pore", says Rudolf Schneider. He himself like many of his employees have experience out on the race track and know what is important.

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Beyond that

"In a project like this, you need over-motivated idiots", the project manager says. "There's an expression in German that says: A good horse only jumps as high as it must. We all jumped a great deal higher. With full intention!" Visions which at the beginning may seem too far away ultimately become a reality. In 2012, the HP4 enters the market. It is the first ever standard motorcycle with an electronic chassis. The Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) facilitates the dynamic adaptation of the damping action of the upside-down fork and spring strut to the road situation. Furthermore, the developer team is leaving nothing out in terms of racing components: titanium exhaust, forged wheels, carbon parts, optimised race ABS. The end of the song is a power device equally for the race track and the country road.

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Ex works straight onto the race track

With the HP4, the project team creates a clearly positioned racing device, completely unreasonable and far removed from normality. High-quality electronics and riding performance facilitate racing ex works. In order to add something on top of the basic version, BMW Motorrad is also offering the HP4 with a competition package: HP-brake and clutch lever, HP foot pegs, carbon HP engine spoiler. HP is becoming a tangible brand and the competition version will be a bestseller. With the latest HP model, BMW Motorrad is once again showing how much the brand has changed. "The dynamics we have created with the HP can be found throughout the entire range today", says Rudolf Schneider. "It is no longer a contradiction to have an RR beside a GS in the garage."

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