Double R Race Air

There's nothing faster.

Did you know that our fastest product was a motorcycle suit? With an activation and trigger time of just 45 milliseconds, the DoubleR Race AIR motorcycle suit offers you the fastest self-triggering protection ever provided for motorcyclists on the race track. At the same time, the DoubleR Race AIR stands for certified riding safety: the motorcycle suit with intelligent technology and integrated inflatable protector is certified according to the stringent specifications of TÜV SÜD.

The DoubleR Race AIR offers perfect ergonomics and protection for riders of varying stature, ensuring the wearer has a protective shell around their body at all times – without causing any disruption or obstruction. In order to guarantee exact accuracy of fit of the suit, every person who buys the DoubleR Race AIR at selected BMW Motorrad partners is measured precisely in order to determine the perfectly suitable model.

The API system – Active Protection Inflatable – has been consistently optimised for use on the race track. It assesses the severity of a fall and is triggered accordingly. For this reason, the DoubleR Race AIR with activated API is homologised for the race track only. As soon as API is activated, the DoubleR Race AIR may only be worn on the racetrack. The suit is only permitted on public roads without activated API system.

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From 0 to protection in 45 milliseconds.

Intelligent protection and great shape at the same time: the DoubleR Race AIR was developed for the race track, so it looks look like a racing suit – but it is capable of much more. The protective system integrated in the upper back section protects the neck and shoulders within 45 milliseconds. After all, if you're travelling on the racetracks of this world, you need the fastest possible protection.
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Intelligent activation algorithm.

Intelligent activation algorithm.

There is a highly complex electronic system constantly at work in the background so as to ensure the DoubleR Race AIR's inflatable protector really is only triggered in a dangerous situation. Seven sensors in the system hardware analyse the rider's movements all the time. Due to an intelligent algorithm, the API system (Active Protection Inflatable) is able to assess the severity of a fall. The system is only triggered when necessary. For example, it is not triggered on falls at speeds of under 50 km/h, nor does it take effect in situations where the dynamics do not require the additional safeguard of the inflatable protector. It provides efficient protection for the shoulder and neck area within 45 milliseconds.

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