Peter Hickman

At 300 km/h in the tunnel. Peter Hickman is kind of person who throws caution to the wind.

You have to be a bit crazy to go round winding road racing circuits at 300 km/h. Peter Hickman says you were either born with it or not. So it's not madness. Because that would be overthinking it. And thinking doesn't get you anywhere. Feeling is how you get somewhere. Find out what feeling resonates inside him when atop the HP4 RACE – in the following.    

Most people believe they buy a bike and then try and make it into a superbike, but they can’t really afford to do that. ”

Peter Hickman

High speed thrill is something racers are always seeking. It's something I think is embedded from an early age, either you have that mindset or you don't. ”

Peter Hickman

Peter Hickman / Isle of man TT

Ready, steady, race!

With the HP4 RACE on the Isle of Man.

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