"I am a ruthless enthusiast."

Interview with stunt rider and author Chris Northover.

Chris Northover is the embodiment of a passionate motorcyclist. As a stunt rider, instructor, journalist and studied motorcycle engineer, he spends almost all of his free time on two wheels. He became well known after his 'Storm the embassy' video, which actually started out as a bit of fun between friends. In the interview, he reveals how the video was made, why he no longer has any free time, what he thinks of the G 310 R and what all of this has to do with longboarding.

Park 'n' Ride Challenge

Chris Northover is the perfect driver for the Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge. He knows the G 310 R back to front and no one can fool him when it comes to riding pleasure since he feels perfectly at home when he is on two wheels. As a stunt rider, he's always happy when there's a little action. So we gave Chris a new challenge. Along for the ride: the G 310 R and his mate Guto. To see what Chris, the G 310 R and Guto got up to, how they overcame the challenge and who they met, have a look here.

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Many people know you from your video "Storm the embassy". How did you arrive at such a crazy idea?

The video was actually not planned to be such a big deal. A good friend I'd already made a few films with told me that he had access to an empty building. Then a company came along and provided us with bikes to test out – everything went off without a hitch. We shot for four days and really enjoyed ourselves while thinking up new stunts. I was actually not sure I would be able to do everything. But my buddy kept on motivating me – that kept me keen. We would never have believed that over four million people would watch the video.

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How did you get into motorcycling?
It wasn't a decision I made. I've simply been fascinated by motorcycles ever since I was little. My father raced cars and motorcycles. My younger brother also became a racing driver and now takes part in car races. It was only logical that I would also take up motorcycling. I definitely have more fun on bikes. They make me feel free. You just experience things more up close and personal than you do in a car. I enjoy both, but motorcycling means more freedom for me. I am a ruthless enthusiast. It doesn't matter what I am faced with, I can never get enough of it. Especially when it comes to motorcycles or skateboards.
How did you manage to make motorcycling into your profession?
As a child I had this dream of one day becoming a world champion. In the garden I would always have little races. When I couldn't ride motorcycles I went mountain biking. And the older I got, the more I wanted to race. What I wished for most of all was a life filled with motorcycling. To achieve this, I originally thought that I would have to become a professional racing driver. I later realised that there are many ways to ride motorcycles, have fun and get paid for it – and this is my job now.
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I always wanted to my life to revolve around motorcycling. ”

Chris Northover

The G 310 R was designed with the motorsport look in mind. You have already raced with the double R. Do you see its influence on the G 310 R?
The G 310 R was definitely influenced by motorsport. You can tell by the body in particular that this is not a dull commuter bike. It has a sporty look reminiscent of its big sisters the S 1000 R and S 1000 RR. The ride is sporty and the BMW motorsport colours nicely embody its heritage. In São Paulo, everyone rides a motorcycle, and the G 310 R stands out here. Among all the commuter and city bikes – and then the G 310 R. Bam! In the middle of it all with this racing gear and the dynamic rear end.
Is the bike what you expected?
Riding the G 310 R was great fun. First I spent some time in the studio and just sat on it without riding it – kind of like a teaser. Now to come to Brazil to ride down mountains; to cruise around and find my way through the traffic, it's indescribable. It's just a great bike to try out. It's light but the chassis still feels like it belongs to a big machine. You know it is easy to handle and you can rely on the bike in the corners. While shooting in Brazil, I had the best time revving the bike up the mountain. Purely for the enjoyment. The G 310 R definitely feels like a BMW. Even if it is smaller – I still know that I'm sitting on a real BMW. It is the high quality, everything is well thought out and the riding enjoyment has been cranked up.
You are an author and write for magazines. How would you describe the G 310 R in one sentence?
Lightweight, intensive riding enjoyment. That's not a sentence, I should be better at this actually. The G 310 R is the perfect introduction to the BMW Motorrad experience for any rider. Easy riding enjoyment with a top quality bike you can ride every day.
What do motorcycling and longboarding have in common?
Quite a lot. The way in which you lean into the corners, the way the asphalt feels beneath your wheels. And if you make a mistake, you feel the asphalt directly. It is a similar sport and a similar feeling. I also still do a bit of skateboarding. When I was younger I used to really enjoy it but eventually I completely switched over to motorcycles. Now, skateboarding is more of a pastime for me.
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Chris on the G 310 R.

Chris on the G 310 R.

Even at the photo shoot, Chris could already tell that the G 310 R was going to be loads of fun. Then he had the opportunity to ride the G 310 R for the first time in São Paulo. He was immediately amazed at how easy the bike is to handle. He was also impressed by the fact that it feels like a larger BMW. His conclusion: the G 310 R is the perfect introduction to the BMW Motorrad experience for any rider. Intense riding pleasure, with a real BMW that you can ride every day.

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Intense riding pleasure

The BMW G 310 R.

The agile power pack is the essence of riding pleasure. It was built for pulsing cities and for all those who simply love riding motorcycles. It is manoeuvrable, easy to handle and sporty at the same time. Whether you're a large or small rider – every type of rider feels immediately at home on the BMW G 310 R!

About the G 310 R

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