Priceless beauty.

The R nineT Scrambler from JvB-moto.

Jens vom Brauck likes his motorcycles slim and ready for a journey through wild terrain – and this is also how he designs his version of the R nineT Scrambler, the One. His conviction originates from his youth when he did his first motorcycle journeys where otherwise only Panzers drove.     

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Jens vom Brauck


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Test of character.

Test of character.

If the JvB-moto from Jens vom Brauck were a television series, it would be "The biggest loser" or a similar weight-loss format. When motorcycles roll into his old industry hall at the Mülheim harbour in Cologne, they later emerge slimmer and lighter. After all, Jens likes it puristic. Yet the 48-year-old is in no way known for making bikes lighter. He is one of the most well-known motorcycle developer in Germany, and won the Ducati design competition among other things for his "Flat Red" in 2004. This despite the fact that he has never studied design; he is a trained industrial mechanic and tinkerer through and through. This is why he first wants to get to know a machine before doing anything with its trim. Character is more important to Jens than his appearance; after all, he will change this later anyway.  

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I always try to leave a lot out. Performance and looks go hand in hand. ”

Jens vom Brauck


So before he picks up a wrench, he tests whether a motorcycle rides well, because even after the beauty treatment, he demands a great deal from the bikes. A few years ago, he crossed the Pyrenees with one of his modifications on muddy and stony paths. His demand from bikes has been significantly characterised by his youth. At 14 years of age, he spun doughnuts in his friend's motorcycle in a Panzer practice field. At home, there were many properties like this on which fun could be had. Since then, he is convinced that motorcycling is irrational and therefore motorcycles can look irrational too.

Jens and the R nineT Scrambler got along like a house on fire right from the word go. After the first test rides, an image formed inside his head as to what his model was supposed to look like. "A very small bike with a very big engine", says the tinkerer, describing his version, that was to be called One. Following the birth of the first idea, Jens continued working analogously. He is convinced that more beautiful shapes only come into being when he marks out the proportions with adhesive tape and cardboard, instead of drafting it on a computer. 

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The bike in detail


Hand-made 10-litre aluminium tank, in-house produced plastic seat bench, side parts made of carbon, mudguards shortened at the front and back 

Front suspension

Short handlebars, front fairing, round headlights  

Rear suspension

Series part


Arrow exhaust system


White with blue-purple colour gradient at the front section of the tank

20 kilos lighter.

His focus lay on the tank, one of his specialities. The hand-made aluminium tank is significantly slimmer and almost six centimetres shorter than the standard model and still has a 10 litre capacity. Thanks to the modified length, the rider adopts an entirely different seat position. In order to achieve the typical JvB-moto look, Jens sharpened and welded the rear frame and the rear panel himself, fitted round headlights, slimmer handlebars, a front fairing and small turn indicators. Because everything should be nice and light, the side panels and mudguards are made of carbon.

At the end of the weight-reducing treatment, his NineT weighs just 196 kilos with a full tank of fuel. That's 20 kilos lighter than the standard model. The looks are quickly drawn to the engine. Equally, the wheels with the coarse studded tyres stand out. Many admirers would love to call the bike their own. But Jens‘ version of the R nineT Scrambler is not for sale. After putting almost half a year's worth of love into the machine, he doesn't want to let it go.  

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