BMW Motorrad at Intermot 2018.

3 - 7 Oct, 2018
Köln, Germany
Messeplatz 1 Intermot 50679 Köln Deutschland

Two-wheeler trade fair in Cologne.

Two-wheeler trade fair in Cologne.

Come together, ride now: When talking about a must-attend event in Cologne, keen motorcyclists aren't talking about Carneval, but Intermot. The international two-wheeler trade fair is one of the biggest in the world. BMW Motorrad has been going for ten years and ensures riding pleasure on a big standing surface.

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Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln

Mesmerising memories from Mongolia.

2018 Int. GS Trophy over but the Spirit of GS lives on.

They came, they rode and they conquered the remote lands of Central Asia during an unforgettable sixth edition of the International GS Trophy. Mongolia welcomed 18 teams from 21 nations who battled hard against each other in their quest for the top spots in the ranking of the Int. GS Trophy. But whatever the final rankings, every participant will leave the land of Genghis Khan with unforgettable memories of this unique once-in-a-lifetime-experience. 

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